Traditionally crafted in Australia from the finest Australian Kangaroo Leather and designed with both practicality and style in mind, “Katie” will take you anywhere.

The qualities of Kangaroo Leather has long been known in Australia. It has superior softness, strength and durability, is sustainably produced. It is an ideal choice for the environmentally conscious with an eye for style.

Available in Noir, Crimson, Stone, Eucalyptus, Midnight and Fuchsia, the “Katie” is stunning. It is fully lined and has a number of handy, practical sized pockets both inside and out. Comfort has been taken care of too with a wide leather shoulder strap and striking accents in Noir. Strong stitching and metal closures mean you’ll hang onto this bag for years.

Orroroo 'Katie' Bag


    Orroroo Kangaroo Leather is produced in Orroroo in the Flinders Ranges located in the outback of South Australia.

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